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Behavior Policy

Pegasus Disciplinary Policy

District Uniform Behavior Responses


  1. ID BADGES: Students are required to carry ID badges as part of daily dress code. If students lose or forget their ID badges they may purchase new ones BEFORE or AFTER school only.

  2. MAKE-UP TIME: Students are required to make up 45 minutes after school for each tardy from 1 second to 30 minutes. For each full school day that is an EXCUSED absence, students must make up 3.5 hours and must make up 7.0 hours for a cut. Once weekly, a teacher stays after school from 3:30-6:30, so students can make up time. Any student missing a day of school should plan to attend recovery time on the set day.

  3. Restroom use is normally not allowed during class (before school, after school and break are for restroom use) but if students insist, 1 hour of make-up time is required.

  4. DRUG/ALCOHOL USE: Due to ESUHSD no-tolerance policy, students who come to Pegasus High School under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be immediately withdrawn from Pegasus and referred to Adult Ed if they are 18. Students under the age of 18 will be withdrawn and referred to another educational site, and the SJPD may be summoned.

  5. STUDENTS WITH CHILDREN: Due to insurance liability, no child is ever allowed inside Pegasus High School.


    1.  Any student enrolled in CCOC who either fails or is withdrawn from CCOC may also be withdrawn from Pegasus.

    2.  Any student registered for Adult Ed class who does NOT earn credits may be withdrawn from Pegasus.

    3.  Any senior owing hours will not be allowed to walk the stage.


    1. Students may not use, display or have audible cellular phones, IPODS or any other electronic items in class unless allowed by the instructor as part of the curriculum or instructional activity.


    1. Any permission slip that needs a signature must be given to the principal a least one week prior to the event,and the student must be in perfect standing in regards to credits, hours owed, behavior, etc.